Increased Revenue with Unique Ad Units

Why us?

Creating new revenue streams for your sites is our goal, and our unique technology and products accomplish just that. Adopt Media out of the box thinking created a full suite of monetisation tools, which maximizes earning potential for publishers. Our technology is smart and always learning, developing tailor made and unique advertising soluions. This ensures that our publishers keep making the big bucks. Get a full Monetization solution suited to both software developers and site owners.
We work closely with our publishers to ensure the best possible user experience to bring new revenue and increased time on site. Our team of experts has deep publishing background. You’re welcome to contact us and see how we can help you reach your goals.



You’ll start earning money in no time once you integrate our simple JS line into your site.
Get in touch today to get the script.


Over-and-Above Revenue

Get an additional revenue source for their website, which do not cannibalize or compete with other ad sources. Capitalise on user intent in real time, and break through the barriers of banner blindness.


Better User Experience

We deliver high-impact display advertising that gets noticed because everything we do is built to be viewable and relevant to your audience.


24/7 Support

Your satisfaction is important to us. Our support team are always ready to help and provide fast response time to all of your questions and concerns.

Unique Monetization tools